On My Own – And Not Afraid

I asked God for a favor today
To take care of me as I move on my way
I asked him for comfort, I asked him for peace
He gave me a life and with it a new lease

I’ve made mistakes of this we all know
And decisions I’ve made have dealt me a blow
But I know God in heaven is still on the throne
As I begin a new chapter now out on my own

I need to know that his love is still there
In the dark of the night when it seems no one cares
I need his strong shoulders where safely I cry
I need his scarred hands to hold as I try

But most of all what I need is his love
To guide me,  and keep me with eyes from above
I need to know that no matter the cost
That with Jesus beside me that all is not lost

You see I am a creature created by God’s love
I was made in his likeness and am blessed from above
I have honor and value and I’m a child of a king
I can face life with confidence no matter what it brings

I am fashioned by hope and molded with care
I am God’s portrait and I know that he’s there
He will protect me and keep me when I can’t keep myself
I will be what he intended and not hide on a shelf

The gift that he’s given in my two baby girls
Will give me a purpose as I walk through this world
I will not be afraid, I will not be cast down
I will stand by my convictions and not be cast down

I will be uplifted,  by his power and his grace
I will worship and praise him as I make my place
And in his strong arms I will find comfort and joy
I will live the life that he gave me to enjoy

I will be a woman as in Proverbs we read
I will ensure that my children have no want or need
I will raise them in the fear and respect of the Lord
I will guide them and mold them as it says in his word

And I know that in time that God’s plan made for me
Will be revealed in his time, he will then let me see
I will trust in his word, I will hold to his hand
I will pray for his guidance, as I walk through this land

I will not be subjected to abuse and to pain
I will not be a doormat – I will not go insane
I will lean on the master and cling to his will
I will seek out his kingdom, a future I’ll build

With Jesus beside me I cannot go wrong
I will look to the heavens and sing a new song
My heart will be healed and my spirit will soar
To heights that I’ve never been to before

Out in my own – I will not be afraid
I will live the life that before me God’s laid
For I am not on my own I am held in his hand
With his grace  and his love – he will help me to stand
So Easy

It’s so easy these days to forget about God
With the Internet out there always
It’s so easy to click and send a message
Or voice mail what you have to say

It’s easy to text message and easy to surf
It’s easy to chat through computers on line
Its easy to print and easy to type
And is easy to search and find

It’s easy to dial up a computerized phone
It’s easy to download and browse
It’s easy to shop and easy to spend
And it’s easy to get lost in a chat room crowd

The technology is there for all that will seek
And the equipment is so easy to use
It’s easy to get an e-mail you see
And it’s easy to gamble and loose

Do you think it’s all designed?
To make it easy to get in the way
Because it’s so easy to sit at a desk
It becomes harder to kneel down and pray!!

With the world at the touch of our fingers
With a message we need to proclaim
Let’s make it easy to praise Christ our dear Lord
And make it easy to worship his name

Because long, long ago on a hillside so dark
He hung between heaven and earth
Crucified and tormented it was there that he died
And yes, he completed God’s work

Do you think it was easy for Jesus our King?
To be bruised and rejected of men
To suffer and bleed and be tortured
To save our poor souls from our sin

So the next time you think about how easy it is
Just remember and pass this along
That for Jesus it never was easy
But he lives at the right hand of God’s throne!

God Bless and Keep You all!
Harvey Cody – 1-27-06
Falling down a spiral
My life going nowhere
I called out toward heaven
And saw him standing there

I looked wrecked and ragged
But he let me in
Lay down and rest
You’re welcome here my friend

I never knew a love
Of someone who died for me
After many years in prison
My soul had been set free

Life won’t be easier
But now you don’t walk alone
I’ll help you with your struggles
Until I call you Home

I start moving forward
No longer standing Still
I look at my next mountain
He whispers  “Its only a hill”

Tina Reed  --- 10-15-06
I sit atop the mountain
Grass soft and Green
Looking back behind me
Places that I’ve been

The land was rocky and rugged
I couldn’t have done it alone
Without him leading the way
My path would be unknown

Now I look out before me
Higher mountains I must climb
I will be scared and tired
But his hand stays in mine

For Jesus walks beside me
He never will let go
His footsteps never fallen
Up the hills that make me grow

Tina Reed – 10-15-06